Experienced Software Developers, System Architects and Project Managers


Generated Solutions is a real-world software developer. Our commitment is to understand new technology and to ensure that we can best apply it to our client's needs. We're both a fixed contract technology partner and a consulting resource.

Project Management • Technology Development • Total Solutions

Developing technology and providing professional software development services for the enterprise market.

Some Facts

  • Operating since 1988 from Waterloo Ontario
  • Principles have over 25 years of software development and management experience
  • Broad range of industry expertise including mobile and financial services
  • Experienced with enterprise class development:
    • Java/J2EE
    • C/C++, App Servers
    • Full Stack Javascript
    • Responsive Web Applications

Our Services

Generated Solutions offers significant experience in all aspects of project and business consulting services. Our software development services provide both systems integration and custom software development – and both can be provided in either a consulting capacity or a contract development manner. And we offer our clients total solutions through project management, systems integration and custom software development.

Project Consulting

  • Problem Definition - we first define the problem to be solved
  • Solution Definition - all possible solutions are explored
  • Software Architecture - style and method of design and construction is identified
  • Project Management - executed within the five process groups: initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing

Software Development

  • J2EE/Java development - Websphere, JBoss and others
  • Responsive web apps - development targeting desktop and mobile browsers
  • Full Stack Javascript - building with MEAN stack and it's variations
  • Web service - and REST API design & development
  • Software life cyle - maintenance, enhancements and testing

Building Total Solutions

  • Immediate development - reduce your ramp-up time
  • Product success - by leveraging competencies that we possess
  • Operating costs - reduced and controlled
  • On budget, on time - with a professional approach from start to finish
  • Other benefits - access to specialized resources, freein internal resources for other purposes

GSI Principals

Since 1988 our business and technology professionals have been providing solutions through business analysis, technical development, consulting and project management. Our expertise has been leveraged by clients across a variety of industry sectors including financial services, government, industrial automation and agriculture.

James Kunkel
President and Senior Consultant

James has spent his career building software and managing technology companies. He founded Generated Solutions in 1988 and has developed it into a successful consulting and contract development business. As a consultant, James has specialized in software tools and financial service & business application development.

Throughout his career, James has developed considerable project management and product development experience.

With Generated Solutions, James is a Senior Consultant and is also responsible for the short and long range objectives for the company.

James holds an Honours Bachelor of Math, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

Thorsten Schiller
VP and Senior Consultant

Thorsten is an experienced software architect, manager and developer. He is a principal in the company and has worked with Generated Solutions since 1991.

Thorsten spent several years working for the Waterloo division of Sybase Inc. (formerly Watcom) on the highly successful Watcom C/C++ compiler and PowerJ Java products. While at Sybase, Thorsten became accustomed to the project leadership role.

With Generated Solutions, Thorsten is a Senior Consultant and he is responsible for the technology strategy of the company.

Thorsten holds an Honours Bachelor of Math in Computer Science, with a Minor in Combinatorics and Optimization, from the University of Waterloo.

Our Expertise

Strengths & Competency

Our strengths have been developed over years of diligent work on numerous software development projects.

We excel with current technology and development methodologies; recently we have had particular focus on mobile technology and development for the financial services industry.

Complete Solution Provider

We offer both systems integration services and custom software development services. Both can be provided in either a consulting capacity or a contract development manner.

We are committed to understanding the latest technology and to using the technology that best meets our clients requirements.

Track Record

We offer our clients total solutions through project management, system integration and customer software development.

We build technology at costs that are very competitive to other firms and to your internal resources. Utilizing our services has direct cost saving benefits.

Our Approach

Technology Partnership

Today, business is challenging and technology investments have become increasingly critical to your success; you need to make the right decision when choosing a technology partner.

Our approach to delivering your technology solutions ensures that we deliver on your business objectives.

Generated Solutions is that partner; our development approach integrates industry leading tools, methodologies, technologies and practices to address your unique business challenges.

The enabling element of our approach is our commitment to our mission - to deliver high quality, technology solutions and services consistently to our clients.


Generated Solutions tailors the development methology utilized for each project - based on the unique business requirements and technology risks of our clients. We believe that no one specific methology fits every development situation.

We view development methodologies as tools that are employed to manage risk.

Flexibility helps us to better fit our methodology to you and your requirements; and a repeatable process ensures consistent output and ultimate development success. It is our process that allows us to manage variables such as time, cost and functionality as they vary from project to project.


Listed below are a number of clients and projects that we have worked. They offer some insight into the depth of our experience with developing real-world software solutions.

Connecting the Dots